One reason that many people need a DUI lawyer is that they face themselves charged with the ‘Over 80’ law. But what is the ‘Over 80’ law? Is it different to Impaired Driving? Are they not the same? In fact, they are two very different laws and situations that are unfortunately intertwined with each other.


Breaking Down The Over 80 & Impaired Driving Laws With A DUI Lawyer


To understand the difference between the laws, you have to go down to the finer dynamics of the law itself, which concerns the BAC (blood alcohol concentration).


The BAC is a test of how much alcohol is in your body, by measuring how much mg of alcohol is in each 100ml of blood. Results vary on a range of factors, such as how much you have consumed, the last time you had a drink, how quickly the alcohol went into your bloodstream, how fast it got out, and your weight. The problem is that alcohol reacts in everyone’s body differently, so therefore your BAC will vary.


You can have two drinks, and your BAC can read: “90 mg of Alcohol per 100ml of blood”. Or you can have six drinks, and your BAC can read: “50 mg of Alcohol per 100ml of blood”. And this is where the law comes in.


In Canada, it is a criminal offense to be in a car with your BAC being 80 or over; hence the law is referred by police and DUI lawyers as ‘Over 80’. However, you might not be impaired, and can be completely fine driving despite being over 80. Regardless, you will be charged.


Yet, you might be under 80mg, but you might be so intoxicated that your driving is ‘impaired’. You will, therefore, be charged with impaired driving, as you are considered a danger on the road. There is always a chance that you can be charged with both, and if so, you will be in serious trouble.


A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Face Your Charges

Regardless, facing a DUI charge for either reason requires that you hire yourself a criminal lawyer in Edmonton. While you might not win the charge, you can get your sentenced reduced, and in the case of being ‘Over 80’ and not being dangerous, you can win.


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