If you’re facing charges for driving under the influence, you may wonder whether or not it’s worth hiring a lawyer, especially if your case seems straightforward. In almost all cases, it’s better to work with a lawyer. Here’s why you need a DUI lawyer for impaired driving charges.

DUI Law is Complicated

Every case is different, and the laws are complicated, so it’s hard for a person without training to navigate even a seemingly simple situation on their own. A criminal lawyer in Calgary understands DUI law and can look for viable defences or possibilities for minimizing the consequences of an impaired driving arrest.

A Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Specializes in DUI Law

As mentioned above, DUI law is complicated. So you don’t want just any lawyer handling the case, you want one who specializes in impaired driving cases. Consider the amount of experience they have as a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary and handling DUI cases in particular. That expertise is crucial for achieving the best possible results.

The Consequences of a DUI Charge are Serious

Even a first-time DUI charge can carry serious consequences. This can include towing and impoundment of your vehicle, suspension of your driver’s license, mandatory attendance of educational classes, and other penalties. You may have to pay fines and fees that can add up to a big expense. Plus, having a conviction for impaired driving on your record means that if you are suspected of driving under the influence in the future, the consequences will automatically be more severe. Charges on your record can also make it more difficult to obtain credit or find a job. With serious consequences at stake, it’s essential to have a criminal lawyer in Calgary review your case.

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A Calgary Criminal Lawyer Works to Mitigate Charges

Fully understanding and taking your charges is the first step in fighting them. A criminal defence lawyer in Calgary can unravel the legal jargon and explain what you’ve been charged within a simplified manner. They can then help you fight any false charges or craft a reasonable defence on your behalf.

A Criminal Lawyer Gathers Evidence

Sooner is better when hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary. Contacting a lawyer immediately after an impaired driving charge gives the lawyer more time to work on your case. They can also gather evidence while it’s still fresh, some of which are time-sensitive. Video evidence, for example, may be erased if it’s not pursued quickly. Witnesses should also be questioned promptly while their memories are fresh. They may be able to provide evidence that strengthens your defence, such recalling that you didn’t seem impaired on the day you were charged. A DUI lawyer knows what evidence to pursue and how to pursue it to create the strongest possible case in your defence.

Criminal Lawyers in Calgary Help You Navigate the Options

As a layperson, you may think there’s only one option in your case, but that may not be true. A criminal lawyer in Calgary who understands impaired driving law may be able to explain options that you didn’t realize existed. Working with someone who understands the strengthens, weaknesses, and intricacies of your case may reveal new possibilities and better options for a favourable outcome.

A DUI Lawyer Gives You Peace of Mind

Facing criminal charges of any kind is an intimidating experience. You’ll probably feel overwhelmed and anxious. Hiring a DUI lawyer can help calm your fears and give you peace of mind during the process. They can answer your questions, explain confusing things, and guide you through a difficult process. Having an expert on your side helps reduce the anxiety and stress of facing impaired driving charges.

If you’ve been charged with impaired driving, don’t wait. Hire a criminal lawyer to represent you throughout the legal process.

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Preparing for court is a struggle in itself, but surviving the day is another level altogether. How do you go about managing one of the most important days of your life?

5 Criminal Lawyer Tips To Help You Survive Court

  1. Tell Your Story In A Logical Way
    While in courtroom movies you see people tell their stories emotionally, it does not always work in real-life court. Logically telling your story and framing the facts in your account will help you. Be logical and precise as possible when it comes to your side of the story.
  2. Be Brief & Focus On The Key Parts
    The judge does not need to hear every little thing that happens to you. They want to listen to the essential parts that will impact your case, so be brief and to the point. Your Edmonton criminal lawyer will break down the critical points for you, so you know how to approach them in court.
  3. Prepare Your Evidence & How It Relates To Your Story
    As your court appearance goes along, you have to present your evidence. Preparing for this will be super helpful – something your defence lawyer can help when preparing for your court date. The more evidence that you have, the stronger your case will be.
  4. Prepare For The Unexpected
    Remember that the opposing lawyer is going to try and dismantle your evidence, your personality and throw curveballs at you. So you have to be prepared for the unexpected to happen while you’re at court. Practice what you will say when it does come up, stick to the facts and story, and more importantly, ignore your emotions.
  5. Be Calm Regardless
    Most importantly, when it comes to your court date: remain as calm as possible. Your emotions will be tested, your case will be ripped apart and your personality will be questioned over and over. Despite all this, you have to be calm and composed at the moment.

Going to court can be a mentally, physically and emotional experience. Make sure you get your friends, family and criminal lawyer to support you as much as possible.

Dunlap Law provides the legal support and representation you need for your criminal case. Dunlap law is experienced with impaired driving or criminal offence cases. Send an email to [email protected] or give us a call. Calgary: (403) 474-8222 | Edmonton: (780) 428-2267 | Toll Free: 1-866-247-2264

Being charged for domestic violence is a serious accusation. Whether you are guilty or not, you have the right to defend yourself. You now have to begin the process of preparing for your court date. It can be confusing to know how to start and what you can do. This is how you can prepare yourself:  

Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer

The best way to get a good result from your charge is to make sure that you get the best domestic violence lawyer in Edmonton possible. If you cannot afford one, the court will appoint one to you. But if you do find one, check out their history to see how they will manage your case.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

Your lawyer is the best person to help you during your case. An effective criminal defence for domestic violence requires that your lawyer knows all the essential details about the incident, has a record of police statements, and understands your relationship to the victim.

Decide On Your Plea

During the pre-trial, you will have to opportunity to discuss what type of plea you will be submitting to court, which includes guilty, not guilty and no contest. Discuss it with your lawyer, as they will go back and forth with the prosecution on the merits of your case. Once you decide, you’re committed to that plea.

Plan For The Hearing

A hearing is what happens before the case kicks off in court during which lawyers and judges will debate the ethics of your situation. The process involves you entering your plea, discussions about the date of the case, and choosing the jury.

Don’t Make Things Worse Outside The Case

While you are awaiting trial, you should not do anything to make your situation worse than it already is. That means not getting into trouble, talking about the case to anyone barring your lawyer, and involving yourself with known associates. Be as ethical as possible outside the case.

Go To Trial

You’re done everything you can before the court date. Dress appropriately for court, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, and listen to your lawyer as the case goes on.

Start Your Court Proceedings By Hiring A Criminal Lawyer Now

Once you have been charged, there is no point dragging it on longer than it needs to be. Start looking immediately for a criminal lawyer in Edmonton to help build your case from the ground up.

Dunlap Law provides the legal support and representation you need for your criminal case. Dunlap law is experienced with impaired driving or criminal offence cases. Send an email to [email protected] or give us a call. Calgary: (403) 474-8222 | Edmonton: (780) 428-2267 | Toll Free: 1-866-247-2264